Dakota: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Knights of Havoc MC Book 1)

About the Book

Dakota Macks

The biggest and tallest guy with the Knights of Havoc MC’s Nomads, he was a brute and an A**hole. As the MC’s enforcer and the MC’s President’s good friend, he traveled from town to town on his Harley along with his band of brothers. He works with his fists when wanted and with his gun when needed.

Women come and go. They didn’t stay because he didn’t want them to stay. That, of course, changed the moment he had his arms wrapped around the little minx that throws a beer bottle at his club President’s head.

She was small and sexy versus his big and brawn. She was fire and fury. She was beautiful and good. Most of all, she needed help. The epitome of a damsel in distress.

Mercy “Minx” DeMarcus

Ten years, she’s waited for her big brother to come to her rescue. When he and his band of savages finally arrive, she greets him by throwing a beer bottle at his head. That, of course, brings her in the crosshair of the Knights of Havoc MC’s enforcer.

The tallest man she’s ever seen turns into the gentlest giant she’s ever known. Too inexperienced to turn the brute away and too curious to walk herself away, she’s caught in a current she can’t fight. To top it off, she’s in trouble, deep. Of course, he’d step in to help her. He was the club’s enforcer, after all.

But will he stay when he finds out about her past? As a man deep in his cut, can he overlook a past so damaged?

**This is the first book of the Knights of Havoc MC series. This book has triggers and may be unsuitable for someone under 18 years of age. This story has its own HEA. No cliffhanger, however, characters do weave in and out of each other’s stories. There will be plots that lead into other stories so reading in order is recommended.

About the Author

As a newcomer to writing and publishing, I must say that this journey has been an amazing one so far. Join me on my adventures of love lost, love found, comedy, and heartache. Feisty heroines, alpha males, and happily ever afters galore are in store for you!

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