THE ONE THAT I LET GO by J. Durana and F. Saeed

About the Book

Elizabeth is living a solitary life after the death of her parents until the day a beautiful stranger named Ali comes barging in. He is adamant about becoming a huge part of her life if she gives him a chance. Elizabeth finds in him a friend who holds her hand when she visits her parents’ graves, a rescuer from the monsters that live in college parties, and a lover who would die before he lets anything happen to her. His love makes her strong and helps her become who she is, until one fateful day when he is called back to his country. Her trust and hope are the only things that she holds on to when she tells him goodbye. But will they be enough? Will she finally be with the one she let go or was it her mistake to find love when it was only there to break her heart?

About the Author


Writing and publishing a novel was always on Jeanne’s bucket list. COVID-19 Pandemic imposed locked downs provided her time and opportunity to turn this into reality. On normal days, she enjoys swimming in Wadis and gazing deep into starry desert nights.


Farzeen has always found herself writing her thoughts on anything that she gets a hold of; tissues that she finds in small cafes, in her small notepad that she carries around in her purse and even on park benches. But sitting down and writing a complete novel was a first for her and an experience that she thoroughly enjoyed and would continue. Apart from her busy routine, she is an adventurer at heart and a story seeker even in the most inanimate objects.

Quote from the book

“Sometimes when we love someone we get to be with them for the rest of our lives. And sometimes, we can only love the other person from afar. We can think about them, dream about them, remember the memories, but we cannot be with them. No matter how hard we try to be together, our efforts can never be enough”

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