Why Bear Boo Couldn’t Poo

by Anna Glinko

About the Book

‘Why Bear Boo Couldn’t Poo’ is a storybook that seamlessly combines humor and teaching your children virtues. With humor that’s so entertaining, you’ll find yourself giggling along with your kids.

Make reading time with your children extra special with this book that will have the whole family laughing out loud, all while your kids learn how to eat their chocolate wisely!

About the Author

Anna Glinko has always had a strong passion for reading. Ever since she was a little girl who learned how to put letters together to make words. She always has a new book in her hands, and never seems to stop. Anna went into hospitality as her profession. But as time went on, she quickly became a 9-5 worker by day, and a creative insightful novelist by night. For months Anna spent her nights writing in between baby feeds. Her stories are inspirational because they are pulled from her own family life. Highlighting challenges and the silly times alike, reading her tales will be like reading a story from your own life.

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