You Don’t Need A Crystal Ball by Adeline Chenney @ajchenney

About the Book

Do you wish you had a crystal ball to predict how a new relationship will turn out?
This book will be your very own crystal ball, fairy Godmother and big sister.

Find out where you can meet your potential male partner and how to utilise correct dating strategy to kindle love and romance
Discover the reasons why some men won’t commit and learn how to avoid wasting your time
Know the difference between a High Quality and a Low Quality Man
Learn what factors contribute to breakups and what you can do to prevent it happening
Learn how to identify Low Quality Men and how to avoid them
Find out how to ignite the spark in your relationship and how to keep the fires burning

This book is a must-read before you venture out into the wild jungle of dating if you want to protect yourself from love predators. Be a smart woman, get in the know.

About the Author

Perth based author and personal stylist. Enjoys fitness, fashion and fine dining.

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