Be A Duck: A Teacher’s Simple Playbook

About the Book

Be A Duck: A Teacher’s Simple Playbook is a guide to aid teachers in their first three years of teaching, however, any teacher can benefit from it. Teaching is not an easy job and teachers need a lot of support. Sadly they don’t always get the support they need and unfortunately, the support they do receive is often very limited. This book covers a wide variety of topics that shed light on areas of need for teachers such as classroom management and gives possible solutions for them. This book also assists teachers to identify transferable skills and talents and explains to them why proper lesson planning is important.

About the Author

I’m Alfongelia W., the author of the Be A Duck series. I am proof that no matter what struggles one encounters they can still accomplish anything as long as they have a plan. I am not a traditional teacher in the sense that I knew I wanted to be a teacher from the start. I have a bachelor’s degree in social work and a masters degree in sports administration. I have taught 5th, 7th, and 8th-grade math along with Algebra II. I have served as a faculty advisor to new teachers and I am currently serving as lead teacher and instructional coach for math teachers.

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