Embracing God in the Right Perspective with the Right Foundation of Faith in Him by Chris Tham @jerryisaac3368

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Knowledge without God is not the Truth. Only Truth leads us to the meaning of life as the power of life is in God. God is the everlasting Truth. Faith without an understanding of Faith is an unfinished work in Faith.

Each and every one of us needs to discover our true identity of who we are before we could truly inherit the fullness of life as we desire to live a life filled with gifts in the fullest measure of Peace, Love and Joy in our hearts now and forevermore.

The objective of this book is not to put down any religious beliefs, teachings, laws and practices we embrace. Its intention is to discover who we are in the spiritual realm and how our identity relates to God, who is our Creator and Master of this universe, and how this Father and Child relationship gives us freedom of Peace, which is the ultimate goal in humanity with an assured destiny of eternal life in the kingdom of God.

God loves you. Jesus loves you. Amen. Each and every living soul in the history of mankind is a child of God. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Blood and flesh do not inherit the kingdom of God. Conquering Jerusalem is likened to men’s attempts to attain divinity and righteousness with the might and knowledge of the flesh. Such repeated feats as recorded throughout the history of mankind would never bring down the kingdom of God from heaven to earth. Our Heavenly Father is a God of Peace, Love and Harmony. He is not a God of War, Hatred and Division.

Misguided beliefs and biblical misinterpretations through religious laws of men in the flesh had inflected countless and senseless innocent bloodsheds upon mankind. Walking with faith in the flesh is knowledge. Walking with faith in the spirit is truth. All men shall be born again of the Word of God which is full of truth and grace, to fully embrace God and live eternally in His divine Truth and Spirit. The Word of God is embedded in all men as each man is born with a given measure of faith in the Word of God.

I humbly express this Book as the priceless companion guide in studying the Word of God that shall bring forth healing to all souls throughout the nations on earth. All glory be unto our Father God.

This Book shall serve as good text material for interfaith dialogue. It is the preordained duty of believers in Christ to share the Gospel of Light to members of other beliefs with understanding and love.

This Book contains end times prophecy. The future middle eastern war is coming soon! The return of Chris is a certainty. Amen. Hope this Book would bring forth an abundance of insightful revelations and joyful enlightenment in your heart and soul. Be very blessed within His presence of gracious embrace and enjoy reading it. In Christ and through Christ, we all live again. God bless. Jesus loves all of you. Amen!

You can read more about the book on Apple Store or Goodreads: https://goodreads.com/book/show/57977164

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