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About the Book

Creativity in times of pandemic

Many times we hear that “crises are opportunities”, but to understand in-depth this assertion is necessary to change the focus of how we see the context, so we can notice the ways that allow us to undertake what we think of as “the new” and we want to manifest in our universes, especially in these moments of post-pandemic when the attention has been “weakened” and it is key to reestablish.

This book which was a Bestseller for its Spanish version at launch on Amazon will provide you with the 11 keys to develop your own creative potential that you can implement in your daily life. It will help you discover a new universe of possibilities that will propel you towards the ¨Singularity of Being¨. Since we can understand ¨creativity¨ as a key to a new state of consciousness that connects us with infinite alternatives, this requires reformulating the old patterns of ¨information and beliefs ¨ to enhance the creative process in all its dimension.

About the Author

Christian Franchini is a writer and a tireless traveller, as well as a researcher of human nature in its deepest dimension; the Spirit, that divine spark treasured in the intricate recesses of our personality, which needs to be discovered in the first person in an authentic inner journey.

He began his craft as a writer in my adolescence, capturing his emotions in the form of poems and songs that I have often set to music. He also wrote several short stories of different themes, almost always within the fantastic realism, some of them were later developed as screenplays for film projects.

Years later, after studying the message of many authors and spiritual masters with a deep esoteric message (material difficult to access at that time), he began to outline his own journey towards a spiritual quest which he called Spiral Path, defying social and family mandates that defined the “politically correct” in terms of beliefs and lifestyle.

He is the author of several books; Conscious Evolution, Resonating, Healing and Creativity in times of pandemic, currently works as a lecturer, instructor, writer and independent filmmaker, focused on films on issues related to the new consciousness, such as his film VITRUVIAN which is actively participating in festivals in different parts of the world with very good repercussions.

On the other hand, he transmits his message through articles, books and by giving courses and workshops. He also offers a spiritual coach in a personalized way in online modality, in which he approaches a journey in three scales that allows access to Healing, Empowerment and Manifestation, through a process that he called Existential Training.

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