From Capitalism To Socialism Toward Communism a.k.a. Globalism: Three Generations of a Chinese Family Moving Forward in Chaos Over One Hundred Years

About the Book

This book details the modern history of China. It tells the stories of three generations of a Chinese family. -Helen and George, Helen’s father and uncle, and Helen’s daughter Maggie.
In the first half of this book, China was a capitalist country. Americans had many interactions with Chinese people then. American missionaries sponsored schools in China that developed into higher education. In WWII, volunteered US pilots fought side-by-side with Chinese soldiers. Chinese students came to America to study starting in the 1860s. Overseas-educated people played critical roles in China. Banking, education, architecture, and other industries. However, their life changed after the communists took over the country.
The second half of this book describes how the communists scrapped the capitalist system. Socialism ideology is becoming a trend in the United States. Had small businesses fared well in a socialist system? Could Chinese people keep their houses and land? How about social security and medical insurance? Is the air clean? How about food safety? And much more. This book answers all these questions to the readers with real stories of the people. With the turning of pages, readers will learn about China’s sceneries. That includes East, South, Northwest, Southwest, and Northeast China.

About the Author

Maggie Zheng is the third-generation member described in this family memoir. In 1991, she graduated from UW–Madison with a Ph.D. in science. Maggie was born in 1949. In the same year, the communists took over mainland China. When she grew up, Maggie witnessed social changes in China. The communists had sent her to work on farms for nine years after high school. Maggie graduated from college after Mao died. Coming to the US in the 1980s, she studied and worked. Maggie went to Shanghai to set up a production facility in 2004. She came back to the United States in 2019.

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