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Until you wrestle control of your earning potential from an employing organisation, you can remain poor for life. The fantasy of being employed, sticking to job earnings alone and being secure for life is over. In this book, I debunk the notion that you must stick to revenue earned from your job alone. The side-hustle is considered as an activity done on the side-lines of your normal 8-5 job, which can generate revenue. It is becoming a source of supplementary income for the modern-day professional. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that many people are vulnerable to job losses, lay-offs and financial problems. Pensions are not enough to sustain retirees in many countries. It is very easy to blame the employer or other external factors. With a side-hustle, you can kiss goodbye to salary dependency through developing multiple streams of income. This book will transform your way of thinking from being a docile employee waiting for the next payday, to an active entrepreneur racking in income through a side-hustle. With a side-hustle, you can make every day a payday.

Reliance on one source of income such as a salary has seen many people remain in economic dire straits. Believing that the pension pay-off will jump-start personal finances has also left many distressed in their old age. In this book, the rising role of the “Side-Hustle” is fully explored as a viable means to strengthen the financial muscle of the modern-day worker. . This book is the ultimate guide to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs on how they can establish or maintain a side-hustle. Whether it emanates from a passion, hobby or otherwise – side-hustles are bridging the financial gap existing between expectations of a dream job and the reality dawning on the ground. With a lot of illustrations of business ideas that you can undertake alongside your job, this guide presents practical knowledge of the successes and failures of side-hustles.

About the Author

Tawanda Collins Muzamwese is an international consultant in sustainable business development with massive experience in training, consulting and auditing. He has facilitated capacity development in more than 100 enterprises drawn from over 30 countries. He is the founder of the sustainability think-tank called Toxiconsol Consultancy t/a African Sustainability Consultants. He is the Editor in Chief of the Green Business Gazette Magazine. He is a consultant and business coach with over 13 years of experience. Tawanda is a Management Systems Consultant working on promoting the development and implementation of ISO Standards (ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018) in both developed and developing countries. With his inspirational and pragmatic writing style, he has written cutting edge books including:

  1. How to grow a Side-hustle into a viable business – Overcome Salary Dependency
  2. The Leading Consultant: How to become an authority in your professional field
  3. Step-by-Step Guide to implementing Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management Systems
  4. Stepping on Higher Perspectives: Greatness Tips Motivational Series
  5. Sustainability Guidebook for Boards and CEOs: Leading from the front

Tawanda writes about sustainability, motivation, safety, health, environment and quality management. His books are relevant to both developed and developing countries. With practical approaches and case studies, he provides incisive insights into entrepreneurship.
His philosophy is based on the premise that every human being has the potential to make a significant difference in their lifetime. He writes books on taking personal responsibility for progression in life. He motivates entrepreneurs to implement income-generating projects and determine their own financial destiny. He also motivates companies to take up sustainability initiatives.
A start-up coach, public speaker, environmentalist, safety, health and quality management expert, Muzamwese bridges the gap between theory and practice through building capacity and sharing practical case studies in his books.

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