I Need A Minute!

For Kids Working Through Anxiety 

About the Book

You thought new experiences like moving and making new friends would be easy….

Well, it’s not! While it can certainly be exciting, starting a new school, meeting new people, and having new experiences can be fearful and quite frankly terrifying.

I Need A Minute is about the journey of a boy named “Junior” who learns that he will be moving to a new city and starting a new school. He is eager to make friends but what about his old ones? Will the teachers and students be nice? Will they like him? So many questions race through his mind! Junior quickly realizes that his fear of new experiences isn’t simply a mild irritation. In fact, it rises to the level of anxiety which he is courageous enough to share with his parents and family physician.

With a little help and bravery, Junior develops a special coping technique that takes only a minute to activate. He learns to calm his body’s natural response to his fears. These tools will give Junior and future readers of all ages an example of how a simple approach to self-regulation of our minds and bodies can give us the confidence we need to navigate unfamiliar spaces.

Sometimes we all just Need A Minute!

About the Author

Wilton E. Williamson Jr. embodies a rich blend of experiences, drawing from his Jamaican heritage, military service in the United States Marine Corps, and advocacy work. His roles as an author, mentor, and mental health advocate showcase his compassion and understanding in promoting mental well-being.

Wilton’s dedication to assisting others through anxiety and trauma, irrespective of age, underscores his empathy. His book, I Need a Minute, stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to mental health, emphasizing the importance of resilience in children.

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