Is your Relationship worth the cost?

About the Book

Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost Will give you the deep wisdom and insight you need for a successful relationship

About the Author

For more than 30 years, thousands have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Dorothy’s personal and professional development consultations and events.

Bayer Aspirin, Cargill, Wichita State University, Catholic Services, Parent University, United Way, schools, organizations, and churches are some that have been enriched by Dorothy Murray Elder and Impact Dynamics, Seminars and Consultations.

Dorothy Authored, “Your Innermost Truth and Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost.” Her generosity has touched the lives of thousands through helping the community with, personal causes, ranging from giving hunger relief or working to end child trafficking. Strong Women and Families Urban Programs have reached out to strengthen families, since 1980. Dorothy continues to empower men, women, and families in areas of personal development, vision, recovery, identity, codependency, behavioral issues, leadership development, spiritual growth, and family advocacy.
Would you like to get more knowledge about your abilities, skills, and talents? How can you better explore and express all that you are? Would you like to stop self-sabotage and unnecessary conflict?

Dorothy makes the difference for you as a caring, wise, and experienced life coach. Her teaching and support not only gives you the vision needed but also increases your hope and confidence. Dorothy helps you create the freedom you’re looking for. Together, we develop a strategic plan that elevates your potential, personal success, and joy in relationships.

​Dorothy provides a supportive and challenging empowerment foundation for you. Each essential key helps you solve problems and get the satisfaction you’re looking for in life and relationships. Pitfalls must be recognized first and then processed, Dorothy will help you understand the core of those feelings. Later I will teach you how to use each challenge as a stepping stone for positive fuel.

​Dorothy hosted the popular “Family Talk,” empowerment segment, with a CBS affiliated television, morning news show. She provided transformative answers for difficult problems.

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