Life Beyond A Broken Heart A Memoir: The Light Within Me After Betrayal by C.C. June #author @CCJunebooks

About the Book

While in the struggle to keep faith alive in her once loving marriage, C.C. June is forced into some life-altering situations; especially one she never saw coming until it was too late. In this unpredictable tale of love, loss, and life lessons, readers will encounter a deep-rooted, relatable story about love that leads to immense heartbreak. This memoir will empower women who need the strength to push through and move forward after divorce. The best thing to hold onto in life is yourself! 

About the Author

A divorced mother of one. C.C. June was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to Haitian immigrant parents. For fifteen years she worked with students from elementary to college. Currently counseling high school students with trauma. C.C. has enjoyed writing since she was a child. She started a supportive online community to empower women who are separated or going through a divorce, called Thriving Gems on Facebook.

C.C. is passionate about helping women and children. She volunteers at local hospitals and soup kitchens. Being active in the community is important to her. She also enjoys the holiday season and creating memories with her daughter. C.C. is very big on traditions like making holiday crafts, carving pumpkins, and writing notes of gratitude during the month of Nov (reading them with her daughter on Thanksgiving). Christmas is always a big deal. She looks forward to making gingerbread houses, cozy nights with her daughter and decorating the tree.

This newly released memoir takes readers on a journey from her childhood to years as a devoted wife and mother. Sometimes love can leave us feeling broken but we have the strength within us to move forward in life.

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