Maximum Emptiness: A modern and thought provoking exploration of mind, heart and technology.

About the Book

Stark naked consciousness is exposed like a raw nerve as a young woman’s search for her missing boyfriend takes her from London to Thailand and then on to Japan, the technology which caused his disappearance one she must embrace if she is to find him.

Part mindfulness mystery, part neuroscience thriller, Maximum Emptiness is a modern and thought-provoking novel that explores the relationship between mind, heart and technology, asking: what happens when we are forced to let go of things we know we can never let go of?

Nicola’s mind is a mess. Full of anxieties and random thoughts, her ability to focus is dangerously adrift. She needs clarity if she is to find Alex, her boyfriend who went missing nine months ago. But how can a mind full of disorder and chaos be replaced with one of harmony, of knowing?

As Nicola searches for Alex she discovers the answer, an unusual technology. It is a technology Alex has been using, one which brings people closer to themselves rather than one another, and one which offers transcendence and liberation to anyone who uses it. To find Alex, Nicola, therefore, faces a choice: use the very technology which caused his disappearance to find him (and discover the real reason he disappeared), or let go and face a future without him. However, a device that is such a powerful catalyst for change is bound to have side effects, begging the question: Can Nicola handle the parts of herself this extraordinary technology uncovers?

About the Author

I enjoy researching and writing about unusual technologies which I believe can have a big impact on peoples lives. I live in the UK with my wife and daughter and have been writing since I was aged 12.

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