Osmosis: The Molecular Theory

About the Book

Osmosis was discovered by J.A. Nollet in 1748. He experimented with water, wine, and a membrane from a pig’s bladder. Instead of the wine being filtered as it passed downwards through the membrane into the water, the water flowed upwards into the wine. This was totally mind-boggling and has eluded a solution for more than 250 years. We present the complete solution for osmosis. It includes an improved molecular model for solids, liquids, and vapour pressure. This allows a completely new view of Osmosis, diffusion, and molecular behaviour of substances. Its applications include chemistry, biology, medicine, physics, diffusion and more. It explains how a single molecule passes through a membrane. It provides the key to:•Designing with a medicine for diseased cells. •Understanding the collection of maple syrup•Producing low cost pure water•Understanding anatomy and much more!

About the Author

Dr. Howlett is a Mechanical Engineer engaged in consulting and research with HTMD Engineering, DeKalb, Illinois. While solving practical engineering problems, he has had the opportunity to review some accepted engineering solutions from a new direction. His solid theoretical background combined with a practical approach has led to new solutions to many “solved” problems. This work focuses on a new understanding of osmosis, vapour pressure, solids, and liquids.

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