Reaching for Diamond: Aphorisms and Poetry to Strengthen Your Relationship

About the Book

Reaching for Diamond is a long overdue collection of aphorisms and poetry intended for those in a committed relationship. The author, Dr. Carol Atkinson, a licensed marriage and family therapist and professor in couples therapy, utilizes aphorisms and metaphors in her work with couples in ways that are both memorable and meaningful.
People attend couples counseling for different reasons. Some, at the point of their relationship, arrive at an impasse or a roadblock, and others in a proactive way, gain tools to manage conflict, improve communication, or change the lens and gain a different perspective from how they view, interpret, and experience the relationship.
With the added challenges of social media, and the use of electronic devices in our lives today, Dr. Atkinson promotes “tech-free time” as a means for couples to disconnect from electronic devices, reconnect with each other, become more physically and emotionally present, and use Reaching for Diamond as one such tool to increase relationship satisfaction and form a deeper connection. This easy-to-navigate book will become the couples’ “go-to” resource for relationship advice.

About the Author

Dr. Carol Atkinson is a licensed marriage and family therapist who owns and manages her private practice in Florida, USA. A former social worker from London, England, she is also an adjunct professor for a master’s program in marriage and family therapy, where she teaches couples counseling, psychopathology, and clinical practicum. Certified as a Prepare/Enrich® facilitator and trainer, she has and continues to fine-tune the nuances in her work with couples. In her spare time, Dr. Atkinson enjoys aqua fit, cycling, music, and reading, and is a self-taught calligraphist.

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