Rich Charming Sexy Goddess

Rich, Charming, Sexy Goddess – Find Love AND Keep The Relationship – Dating Self Help Book For Women

About the Book

Awaken The Seductive Goddess Within
And Never Go Chasing After Men Again

Dear Radiant Goddess,

I’m SO thrilled that you’ve discovered my ultimate love manifesto. As a lifelong hopeless romantic, I’ve seen firsthand how having all the wrong dating advice can reduce even the most breathtaking women to a needy, desperate shell of themselves.

If that sounds like you, listen up…

NO woman should ever be treated as anything less than a sexy, radiant Goddess with the power of the Universe at her fingertips.

That’s why my guidebook was created using real practical tools that you can wield to unleash your confidence, attract top tier partners & start living the love story of your dreams.

You already have the power of a Goddess. Now, I can show you how to use it.

Break Up With Bad Dating Advice
And Start Romancing The Goddess Way

Step-By-Step Guidance

Ignite your inner confidence, raise your dating standards & watch the adoring suitors roll in. These practical tools are your secret weapon in a world of ambiguous dating tips that just don’t work.

Redefine The Dating Game

Throw the dating rule book out the window & start attracting the men that you deserve. This book is turning modern dating on its head & debunking bad relationship advice for good.

Crack The Bro Code

If you want to land your dream man, you have to understand his language. Take a deep dive into the male psyche & discover the tools you can use to outsmart even the biggest players.

Find Your Forever Match

Happily Ever After doesn’t have to be a fairytale. With the right guidance, you can attract the love you crave & build a successful relationship that keeps you AND your partner wildly in love for years to come.

Go From “Unlucky” To “Irresistible”
With The Ultimate Guide For Attracting Love

Ready to take back your power? Get your copy now!

About the Author

Come in, and stay awhile! I’m here to Ignite your inner confidence, raise your dating standards!

Together, let’s Awaken The Seductive Goddess Within! NO woman should ever be treated as anything less than a sexy, radiant Goddess with the power of the Universe at her fingertips.

Get To Know Me:

In 2014, I created a vision board with Hollywood Hills on it. A few short years later, my dream became a reality and I was unpacking my bags in our new home.
My husband and I met online, fell in love and he asked me to marry him 1 year later. The rest is history!
I’m obsessed with reading books on relationships and love. There is not a book that I have not read or that’s not in my Amazon cart now. I love suggestions.
I worked as a fashion designer in a luxury fashion house in New York City for 5 years.
I love candy! My favorite is Sour Patch Kids
I still use the sewing machine that my mommy bought me when I was 13. It still works like a charm!

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