Stop Overthinking

Rewire your Brain for Lasting Happiness & Overcome Anxiety Using CBT, Journaling, Affirmations & Self-Care Practices

About the Book

Stop Overthinking: Rewire your Brain for Lasting Happiness & Overcome Anxiety Using CBT, Journaling, Affirmations, & Self- Love Practices provides unique insight to conquering and unharnessing the true potential from within by providing a unique perspective with over 15 years of experience in using different modalities including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and EMDR along with meditation, journaling, using affirmations, mindfulness, breathing and visualizations to understand anxiety and helpful techniques to push forward to become a better you. This book provides helpful and unique information to conquer the mental health challenges that we all have experienced in our lives at one point or another in our lives. I hope you enjoy this book with the knowledge that you are not alone and hopefully after reading it you will feel more empowered to take active and meaningful steps to conquer and harness the power to take control of your daily life.

About the Author

Erin Higgins is the author of Stop Overthinking: Rewire Your Brain for Lasting Happiness & Overcome Anxiety using CBT, Journaling, Affirmations & Self-love Practices and wishes to share her gained knowledge, practical strategies, and simple exercises with readers to help them overcome similar experiences.

Her goal is to guide readers through self-help techniques to address mental health that’s affecting multiple areas of life. She leads you:

  • Into understanding and knowing they’re not alone;
  • Into identifying the root causes of specific symptoms;
  • Into a scientifically proven system to take back control of their lives;
  • Into achieving a sense of freedom, increased confidence and self-worth.

When Erin Higgins isn’t spending time with the family, teaching, or writing, you can find her playing in the garden, in the kitchen cooking up healthy meals, walking or cycling in nature, or at the rock climbing gym envisioning herself climbing mountains successfully through all obstacles.

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