Story you tell yourself about yourself: A self-help guide

About the Book

Imagine living a life free of restrictions. What would the results be? This is a 52-week interactive guided prompt designed to help you discover your abilities and accomplish your goals. This book will teach you how to take care of yourself and your underlying ambitions and anxieties. It takes effort every day to practice the daily discipline of “changing your perspective.” Through these 12 Chapters, you’ll powerfully navigate a year in your life. By the end of this guided workbook, we’ll have determined your motivators and deterrents as well as a clear goal for the future.

About the Author

My road as a dyslexic writer hasn’t always been simple. But I didn’t give up! Instead, I worked twice as hard and pushed myself to keep going even when I wanted to quit. My goal is to assist you in growing and realizing how exceptional you are, so I decided to create self-help workbooks and guides to demonstrate how confronting our anxieties and fears head-on can improve our lives by simply shifting our perspectives.

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