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Adjusting perspectives, desires, expectations, limiting beliefs, and narrowing scopes can open doors beyond you never imagined. We all want to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. However, the result could continue to be Mr. or Mrs. Ex if we do not learn to understand ourselves. Having full awareness of what we want or don’t want, need or don’t need, deserve or don’t deserve, or our blind spots can help us to navigate more efficiently and authentically along our journey. Without this knowledge, we continue to settle for far too long in situations that should expire or hold on to things and or people who hurt us. We must decide that we can no longer make our choices for a partner based on fear or desperation. Until you know yourself, what you need and deserve, and what areas you ought to maintain, improve, cling to, or release, you will unlikely find a sustainable relationship or be ready when one finds you.

I created this journal, and associated workbook course to help people dive beneath the epidermis of the issue and into the core of the matter. If you are ready to explore and examine yourself, your relationship, your breakup(s), your patterns, your cycles, and most importantly, your blindspots

About the Author

I am a life coach with a master’s degree in clinical mental health. I realized very late and am still learning that the blindspots we miss in our dating life are directly correlated with the emotional deficits we suffer as children and in other relationships and quite often we become trapped in a cycle. I found myself in those cycles and decided to take a closer look at that, and out of that came this book.

When I am not writing or seeing clients in my life coach practice, I am traveling, cooking, being a mom, and running my business.

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