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About the Book

Only a few know how to open the doors, until now…

The keys have been found.

It is time to unlock your true potential.

What do you truly desire?

The Four Keys hold the answer to this question. What if you not only understand your deepest desires but that of everyone on this planet, even if they didn’t know for themselves? How much power would that give you?

The Four Keys unlock the doors that have been placed to hold you back from discovering who you were meant to be, your purpose, and how to live a deeply fulfilling life. By unlocking the doors, we also unravel the mysteries of Love and Charisma.

This leads us to the question: Were the keys forgotten or hidden?

About the Author

Jay Kitamura is a successful strategist and serial problem solver. He is the founder of and a lifelong student of the Four Keys Method. Jay began his journey when noticing a pattern of unhappiness with his clients while working in venture capital. At that point, it became his life mission to use his problem-solving abilities to focus on what he believes would be the most impactful discovery. An exact blueprint of true happiness.

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