The Only Child Of An Atomic Engineer: My Journey From Playful Beginnings To Published Writer by Thomas Slatin @twps

About the Book

Follow Thomas Slatin on his journey from his playful beginnings as the only child of an atomic engineer to public servant to published writer. In this autobiographical collection of essays, you will gain insight not only into the mind of a young creative genius, but also the struggles that come with sky-high expectations for someone with such innate talents.

About the Author

Thomas Slatin was born and raised in New York City. He started writing and taking photos at
the age of eight. In 1996, Thomas designed and published his first personal website, and was established in July 1998. He has been employed as a freelance writer, photographer, and website designer in various capacities since age 18.

In July 1998, Thomas was certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Then, in 2001,
he became a certified Firefighter. He served 18 years in the fire service, while also pursuing writing, photography, and website design part-time, shortly after being promoted to the rank of Fire & EMS Lieutenant in 2016, Thomas left the Fire and EMS service to pursue a lifelong dream of being a self-employed writer and photographer.

In 2020, Thomas moved to his forever home in Vermont with his partner Amelia Phoenix
Desertsong. Together, they travel around New England photographing the small-town life and
historical landmarks the region has to offer. They plan to travel as much of the United States as possible collecting photos and accounts of America’s mysteries and stories. One day, they hope to also travel the world in search of unique perspectives shared through writing and

Besides enjoying time with his partner, family, and friends at his Vermont estate, Thomas is a major railroad enthusiast and avid outdoorsman. Thomas also enjoys geocaching and he has branded trackable geocoins that travel many thousands of miles all over the world.
Thomas is currently a contributing photographer for Canva, EyeEm, and Getty Images.

His writing focuses on creative nonfiction about unique life experiences. Meanwhile, his
photography focuses on abandoned locations, urban exploration, and adventure photography.
His writing and photography are also featured in numerous media venues, which you can find on his blog. He has also published a photography book called Entropy.

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