The Other Woman – Helping Protect Young Women from Narcissist Married Men – by Jacqueline Servantess

About the Book

The Other Woman – Helping To Protect Young Women From Narcissist Married Men, is a book based on a true story that combines an autobiographical posture, along with lessons that have been learned by the author as it pertains to married men who deceptively cheat on their wives, while trying to make themselves out to be the innocent victims. These married male narcissists (with what’s also known as NPD- narcissistic personality disorder) have often targeted younger women with their deceptive ways. Initially they may have come across as the woman’s perfect match and as having the answer to all that she was “needing.” Sadly, these highly manipulative and deceptive con-men are not who they have made themselves out to be! They are absolute cheaters- and despite making their wives out to be the horrors- the truth is that they, in fact, are the ones who have gone from woman to woman leaving a trail of broken hearts and disrupted lives!

But the act doesn’t last forever, and while at first they may have seemed extremely loving, attentive, and projected there to be an “amazing, once in a lifetime connection”- eventually their true colors do come to the surface and they allow themselves to be exposed as the selfish human beings that they are! The author had one of these types of experiences years ago and believes she was shown in a dream from Above to write about it, and that she is to try to help protect other young women from these types of men. She takes the reader step-by-step through many of the things that transpired during the time she was in contact with the narcissist who had tried to target her and exposes many of the signs that were present, that she had not been aware of at the time.

About the Author

Jacqueline Servantess is an author, entrepreneur and is involved in ministry which she provides on a 100% volunteer basis. She has a variety of passions and has attended schools for business, sound engineering, as well as family herbalism, and wellness coaching. Jacqueline sincerely cares about people and seeks to support them in reaching their highest potential in every way: body, soul, and spirit. After an extremely tumultuous upbringing, Jacqueline found herself in a position where she was seemingly “attracting” these types of deceptive men with NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), and so for reasons that were very important to her on a personal level, she did address the situation she’d found herself in, and discovered there was a psychological term to define these types of individuals. She not only knows about their behavior from personal experience, but also understands how they think, what matters to them, and has learned to see right through them. She helps expose the many common traits that those with this serious personality disorder have, as well as provides information regarding their standard 3-part cycle. Jacqueline is able to share from a very real place of understanding and compassion and relate to her readers in a way that goes far beyond any generic textbook… She also remains very clear that there is most certainly a way out, and potential for a very bright 100% narcissist-free future!

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