Yes, It’s That Easy – 7 Simple Organic Gardening Solutions For Stress Reduction And Peace From Anxiety So You Can Regenerate Yourself And Start Living Your Best Life Now

About the Book

Find calm in the storm: discover how to garden your way to better mental & physical health in just a few months, even if you’ve never grown anything before. If you’re scared to start, don’t worry! This isn’t your average organic gardening guide! Its solutions are practical, easy and tailored to promoting good mental health and positive wellbeing. Change your life now!

About the Author

I’ve been passionate about gardening since I was a kid, so much so that I decided to study soil and water management in college. That’s when I discovered that gardening helped me cope better with my anxiety, which I had been diagnosed with within high school already. Since then I’ve been very passionate about the benefits of natural mental health coping mechanisms

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