500+ Questions All About Me: Journal Prompts for Discovering Your True Self

About the Book

To know yourself is important. Self-reflection is a form of self-therapy. Who better than yourself to share your secrets with?

Self-discovery can be an insightful and scary journey. Taking the time to learn more about ourselves can be fun if we open up a bit. But not for the entire world to see but for you to admire your true self. The true, genuine, unique self you see when you look in the mirror each day. We all have the power to be the highest form of ourselves.

500+ Questions All About Me is a thought and feeling provoking journal that makes you shed light on parts of your world and pieces of yourself that you never really thought about. Life happens fast and often times we don’t allow ourselves the proper time to process our true feelings and views on ourselves and the world, not only around us but inside as well.

With over 500 questions and journal prompts, All About Me inspires you to think about your feelings, dream about your goals, and put your future into perspective. What’s something oddly beautiful to you? How do you deal with pain? What’s your easiest way to express yourself? What is your favorite form of art? Which is more beautiful, the sunrise or the sunset? What’s your best friend’s name?

It takes true courage to embark on a journey to knowing thy-self. All About Me is a guided journal to help you navigate your inner world and keep you focused along the way.

About the Author

Born and raised in Greenville, SC, I have been writing since a very young age. The love of words started with poetry and has evolved into a pure passion. At the age of 20 I moved to MN for some time where many of the poems in Drugs, Love, and Poetry was created. When I’m not writing I am spending time with my daughters and pursuing other hobbies and new business ventures.

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