A Brother’s Truth: A fast-paced race against time in the Wild West @AuthorJMorrison

About the Book

A life of crime. A quest for revenge. A final showdown.
Long ago, brothers Matthew and William Cayden were close. Then one day, everything changed.

Nineteen-year-old Matt is in trouble again with the law, except for this time, he is unable to weasel his way out. When Will hears of Matt’s latest arrest, it pushes their strained relationship to the limit. As Matt’s impulsive behavior leads to further trouble, dark secrets begin to unravel. Soon, they find themselves in grave danger.

The boys’ cousin, Lilianna Miller, raises questions about her true ethnicity and discovers that she is a Native American, stolen from her tribe as a newborn. Raised in a wealthy family, she is sheltered all through her life by her over-protective adoptive father. But when her parents are murdered by a gang, Lilianna is bloodthirsty for revenge.

When Lilianna’s path crosses Will’s and Matt’s, her chase for the murderers turns even more perilous.

How will the brothers escape a fatal trap? And will Lilianna get her revenge?

About the Author

Jenna Morrison was born on November 1, 1995, in Denver, Colorado. At a very young age, Morrison became a prolific reader, painter, and writer. At 10 years old, she became the President of her 4-H club. That year, she exhibited her artwork through 4-H; she won first place for her county and for the state of Colorado.
Then, at 11 years old, Morrison wrote her first flash-fiction narrative, “My First Horse,” as a school assignment for her fifth-grade class. After Morrison’s teacher read her work, she submitted Morrison’s story to the Penguin Classics Essay Contest. Only 11 years old, she was the youngest person ever to enter the competition, competing against 16 to 18-year-olds. Morrison lost the contest; the judges noted that her story was ‘too sad,’ resulting in her loss. A year later, Morrison’s narrative was published in the local Elbert County newspaper.
In 2010, At fourteen years old, Morrison wrote a short story for her eighth-grade school assignment, “The Forbidden, The Untold Secret.” Another teacher recognized Morrison’s abilities and encouraged her to submit her story to the NaNoWriMo contest. That month, Morrison won the competition; she self-published her short story that year. Additionally, Morrison’s artwork was invited into the DPAIG Art Gallery, and she was the youngest person to join the Parker Artists Guild.
In 2011, Morrison’s father took his own life after battling depression for many years. Morrison put down the pen and the brushes, quitting her painting and writing. She resigned from the guild and art gallery.
In 2014, Morrison wrote and self-published her second short-story, “Suicide Survivor,” a coping mechanism for her father’s death.
She graduated from high school in 2015. In 2017, she attended Regis University, then Aspen University.
In her junior year of college, she co-taught and tutored students at Harvard University and Regis University.
In 2021, Morrison became a senior in college, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. After encouragement from her boyfriend, Morrison began to paint and pick up the pen again. She has sold countless artwork to universities, professors, and peers.

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