Saving the Restaurant

About the Book

Ben and Leah both love their parents’ restaurant. But something isn’t quite right. When the siblings overhear their parents talking about having to close down the business, Ben and Leah know they have to act fast to save it.

There’s one problem – they know nothing about running a business. Luckily, their wise aunt might
just be here to save the day…

Containing a delightful lesson about business, entrepreneurship, and simple financial ideas, this wonderful children’s book uses a fun story to teach kids about these important concepts. Ideal for ages 5-12, it helps spark important conversations and imbues kids with an interest in the business.

About the Author

Mazal Danto is a finance expert with years of experience in financial planning, personal finance and mortgage brokering.

As an experienced financial planner and educator, Mazal helped thousands of individuals and families build and secure their wealth.

From her vast financial experience, Mazal realized that it is much more effective to involve children in the processes of finance at an early age. Children have an innate passion and curiosity that can be navigated to teach valuable lessons for life.

With that in mind, she has written her first book, with plans to expand it into a series of titles that teach young kids about money, business and entrepreneurship in a way that will build a wealthy and creative state of mind from an early age. In particular, Mazal wants to teach kids the best advice about money, in a fun and engaging way, before they hear the wrong advice.

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