So What You Have Failed and My Wonder Mama by Ferleen Verneuil-Joseph

So What if You Have Failed!

This book named, So What if you have Failed!, is a result of my many experiences of failing along the way of progressing, moving on and Prospering. Your situation regardless of it being seemingly hopeless does not have to make you end there and give up! This book with its two sections will solely bring you the comfort and strength that you need to remain positive, as well as being inspired and motivated to push yourself and even others forward. It will give you the power to believe in the words and envision yourself at the top again!

My Wonderful Mama

This book is all about Fera and her wonderful Mama. She passionately tells her story by sharing most of her precious moments with her mama, in playing, sharing, reading, cooking, eating, and learning.

“Mama says we are all special!

About the Author

Hello, readers,

I wanna tell you a bit about my 2 books!

This small book of pure Inspiration and motivation is solely to help you when you face dark days, hopelessness, failure, low- self-esteem and the likes. It will encourage and boost your self-confidence, as well as driving you to bring hope and optimism. This book will help you as it has strong affirmations to teach you about spiritual insights if you need some.

My children’s book is about ‘Fera’ and her ‘wonderful Mama’, showing her the little things of life, sharing, eating, educating, helping, including the multi-cultural community, being all-inclusive and tolerant in a child’s life. Every child will enjoy reading this book or listening to the real-life story. Grab your copy now!