Be A F*cking Badass: Inspirational Swear Words Adult Coloring Book

About the Book


Tired of the same old florals and whimsical patterns? Dive into a world of raw, unapologetic motivation with “Be A F*cking Badass” – a coloring book designed specifically for adults who crave a bit of sass and empowerment in their life. 🔥


  1. 75 Unique Quotes: Filled with short, punchy motivational statements that’ll inspire you to grab life by the horns.
  2. High-Quality Pages: Thick, artist-grade pages ready to handle your favorite coloring tools, from colored pencils to gel pens, and no bleed through colors.
  3. Perfect for Stress Relief: Combining the therapeutic power of coloring with kickass affirmations, this book is your ultimate relaxation companion.


  • Increase Mindfulness: Coloring can center your mind, reduce stress, and improve focus. Combine that with bold, empowering quotes, and you’ve got a recipe for self-discovery.
  • Ideal for Gifting: Know someone who could use a boost? This book is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.
  • Mature Themes: Let’s be real – sometimes life demands a little adult language. This book delivers with style and humor.

Dive into a world where art meets attitude. Whether you’re an avid coloring enthusiast or just looking to unwind, “Be A F*cking Badass” is your ticket to a world of fierce inspiration. Perfect for those who believe life is too short for filters and that coloring isn’t just for kids. Grab your favorite coloring tools, and let’s bring these bold words to life.

About the Author

Jay Lo has an unyielding spirit of adventure. Through a journey marked by self-discovery and empowerment, Jay has cultivated a deep understanding of the human spirit’s boundless potential. With a background in mental health and fitness, he possess the knack to blend visual allure with words of wisdom seamlessly.

Embarking on the mission to ignite sparks of bravery and audacity in others, Jay conceived “Be the F*cking Badass” — a coloring book that is as bold and unapologetic as the title suggests. Drawing inspiration from everyday life and personal experiences, Jay has curated a collection of motivational quotes paired with captivating illustrations designed to fuel the fire in every individual’s soul.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book What is it about?

Absolutely, “Be the F*cking Badass” is an adult coloring book that’s crafted not just as a tool for stress relief and relaxation, which are well-known benefits of coloring, but also as a source of empowerment, motivation, and even a little bit of irreverence.

At its core, this book is designed to inject a vibrant streak of boldness and confidence into the lives of its users. It houses a curated collection of 75 succinct motivational quotes that are a bit edgy, bearing a sprinkle of adult language to add that punch of raw, unrestrained encouragement that a lot of us need in our daily lives. Each quote is designed to resonate with the badass in everyone, reminding them of their strength, resilience, and the vast pool of potential that lies within them.

The book beckons individuals to a safe space where they can openly express themselves, coloring outside the lines if they wish, in a judgment-free zone. It’s a canvas that encourages the user to match the bold, unapologetic quotes with equally bold and vibrant colors, fostering a vigorous spirit of freedom, creativity, and self-affirmation.

So, while it’s a coloring book on the surface, diving deeper, it’s a wellspring of inspiration, offering that nudge to seize life fearlessly and unapologetically, with a touch of humor and a lot of heart. It’s a book that invites adults to reconnect with a childhood joy but in a manner that’s very much grounded in the realities and the language of adult life. It’s perfect for anyone looking to break free from the monotony of daily life, seeking a burst of motivation, or simply wanting to unwind with a dose of real, unfiltered encouragement.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

This adult coloring book appeals to a broad audience ranging from young adults navigating the stresses of burgeoning adulthood to creatives and artists seeking both visual and verbal inspiration. It’s a perfect tool for self-care enthusiasts who are drawn to activities fostering relaxation and mental well-being, making it a great addition to their mindfulness toolkit. The book stands as a unique and somewhat audacious gift option for friends, family, or coworkers celebrating milestones, be it birthdays, graduations, or promotions. Moreover, it will surely resonate with existing fans of adult coloring books on the lookout for fresh and spirited content. Even corporate teams looking for ice-breakers and team-building activities can utilize this vibrant tool to add a splash of fun and relaxation in a high-pressure environment. Essentially, it’s designed for the fearless and the bold, inviting individuals to embrace a daily dose of fun, humor, and audacity, encouraging them to color outside the lines both literally and metaphorically, proving that the book truly caters to anyone with a zest for life and a fearless spirit.

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