Root of All Evil Deluxe Edition

About the Book

What do you do when your true existence is cloaked in darkness? In this intricate world of politics, spies, and assassinations, nothing is as it appears. The First Lady resides in a realm of duality, fueled by a clandestine operation orchestrated by her dictator husband and the powerful foreign forces that sustain tyranny. Balancing a facade of humanitarianism with internal turmoil, she keeps her identity concealed, haunted by the heinous acts she once played a part in during her country’s harrowing genocide. The weight of her secrets has placed her life, as well as the lives of her people, in constant jeopardy.

Then, by a twist of fate, she crosses paths with a man on the very quest she spent a lifetime summoning the courage to undertake: the protection of children. In that moment, she plummets headlong into an overwhelming infatuation. With him, she can finally shed the layers of pretense and confront the consequences of her past actions—the damage she inflicted upon the world as a child soldier and the devastation she furthered by marrying the man responsible for spearheading the ethnic cleansing campaign that shattered her life. He is the same man who ruthlessly slaughtered her family, transforming her once-thriving village into a grisly crime scene before claiming her as his bride.

Before she can embrace her own rendition of a blissful ending, she knows she must confront her past and seek redemption. As love beckons to her soul, there exists an even more tantalizing allure—revenge. She must reconcile her past misdeeds, charting a course that paves the way for her ultimate happily ever after.

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In a realm where girls are barred from playing sports, a determined young protagonist defies the status quo by starting a girls’ basketball league. She soon discovers that the road to realizing her vision is fraught with politics and sabotage. And besides, she’s only fifteen years old and about to test what it means to make a groundbreaking impact.

The Desired One

A handsome new arrival finds himself falling for Kaya, a beautiful local girl. However, their love is put to the test when they discover that his wealthy and successful mentor, the founder of a cutting-edge VR Academy, is burdened by an inescapable curse from his past. The weight of this revelation threatens to ruin their relationship.

The past looms over their hearts, ready to wash them away swiftly and fiercely. As fate and Cupid clash, hearts will break, leaving them to wonder if they can ever be healed.

& more…

About the Author

With a masterful blend of genres, Ayura Ayira effortlessly spins captivating tales that empower, uplift, and celebrate the enduring power of strength, love, and diversity.

Some things to know about me:

My books delve into dark content.

They feature characters from diverse social, economic, and racial backgrounds, often set in international locations; I’m a melting pot author.

Socials: ayuraayira88

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