Painfully Broken Yet Beautifully Redeemed by Angela Rodgers @AuthorArodgers

About the Book

It’s all here in this trying yet eye-opening exploration of the biblical principles of parenting, grief, and how to live again after loss. This book can help break the cycle of destruction and help make families function as God intended them to, even through the tragedy of death, grief does not have to steal the life away from those who are living.

About the Author

Angela M. Rodgers is unapologetically a lover and teacher of Christ. This relationship was fortified even greater as God restored her through the deaths of her two sons. She is a native of Michigan and enjoys her country living with her kids and husband. Angela and her husband have adult children, grandchildren, and dogs but equally important she has been the foster parent of more than 50+ children. Even in all that Angela is a preacher, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer and works to rescue women who have been victims of sex trafficking. Angela is a fierce advocate for children and this type of advocacy is only birthed out of true adversity. She is not afraid to share the raw and personal details of her tragedies and grief in order to help others understand the redeeming and healing love of God. Her testimony is her healing. Her testimony will be the catalyst to your healing as well. As a normal everyday woman and mother, Angela seeks to share her journey of grief and redeeming love of God with you and others. She does not have any fancy titles behind her name or degrees, but she has a powerful story of resilience, faith, grief and surrender that is delivered both with humour and bluntness.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book What is it about?

Painfully Broken Yet Beautifully Redeemed gives practical guidance to help break the Destruction of the cycle of Grief and Faith. This book is a true story of the life of the writer and her family. It begins with what was a Non-faith-based approach to how she handled the Grief of her stepson Jacob’s murder, which was one of the roots of destruction in the home. Angela then explains a Biblical version of the same grief when she got the opportunity to have what she calls a ‘Do-Over’ when she loses yet another child named Jarred just 2091 days later. It is all here in this trying, sad and eye-opening exploration of the biblical principles on parenting, grief and how to live again after loss. This book can help make families function as God intended for them to function, even thru the tragedy of death. Grief does not have to steal the life away of those living. It is my personal story. It is my family’s personal story as seen thru my eyes. It is what led us to faith and led us to what they now believe as their complete Savior and Redemption with the Lord Jesus Christ. Not many people can say that they received a Do-Over like this. It is an incredibly sad but true way of looking at the deaths of two children at the age of 19 and 18.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

There is something in this book for everyone, from grief and loss, finding your faith, parenting and mental health help. It is directed to anyone who has suffered loss and is having a hard time learning to live again.

Qn 3: Out of all the books in the world, and all the authors, which are your favourite and why?

That’s a great question because there are so many, Jamie McGuire really started it all for me, Jasinda Wilder helps keep me healthy and Megan Quinn is always good for a laugh with her books. Although I write Non-Fiction, I do love a good Romance story as well. Those are just a few. They are my go-to when I need to just deflate and escape for a bit.

Qn 4: What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing?

Toughen your skin, it’s a hard world out here for Authors. But don’t give up, surround yourself with people who support you. Treat everything like a ministry but don’t expect people to treat you like you the same. Sadly a lot of Authors don’t support other writers. Don’t be that person, share their releases, share their joys, help them promote. Authors really rely on people to share their books to launch them. Be the person who helps others sell their books.

Qn 5: Where can our readers find out more about you, do you have a website, or a way to be contacted?

Absolutely, my website is, or my Facebook and Instagram pages Author Angela Rodgers. I love getting emails from readers as well at

Qn 6: You have gone through quite a lot of sad moments in your life, what would you say to others who are suffering to help lift them up?

The best advice is to keep on keeping on, some days I’m not proud of still, but you have to keep on keeping on. Meet yourself where you’re at and not where you want to be. If you fall short, that’s okay start over and keep going. When Jacob died I was a train wreck I lost myself and in the process screwed up a lot of things I discuss in the book, when Jarred died I made conscious efforts to keep going and bury myself in my faith.

Qn 7: What is the most important thing that helped you continue?

I would have to say the most important thing was my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the ability to be vulnerable to his instructions. God disciplined me and in doing so taught me a different, better way. People laugh sometimes when I say “God spanked me” but he really did and I am thankful for that. I write about this a lot in the book there is a pretty deep story to my rooted faith.

Qn 8: What led you to write your book, and relive and share those sad moments of your life?

I had been thinking about writing my story for a while, I do public speaking on Grief and Loss and also training’s on Sex Trafficking, the more I spoke on my testimony the more I heard people say, “wow you need to write a book”. I prayed on it and it became clear to me that it needed to be read by others. Writing my book is the testimony of my faith after the great loss of my boys, I realized my testimony could be the catalyst in healing for others as well.

Qn 9: Tell us something that has brought you happiness?

Something that brought me happiness, there is a lot. My husband, kids and grandkids, have been so supportive with my writing, even on days when they are eating sandwiches for dinner because I was writing. I have great happiness where I am now in my life and knowing that I am the daughter of the true KING.

Qn 10: What do you plan to do next?

What’s next, I am contracted for two more books, one being a devotional for grieving parents and another book called “From Darkness to Light”, which is my story from Wicca to Christianity.

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