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About the Book, The Stimulus Fortune

The Stimulus Fortune: When Rock Bottom Means You Are Just Getting Started, In the game of life, nothing is easy. Every day you think you have it figured out, then The Universe throws you a curveball and you are left scrambling to figure it all out again.

Hi, I am medically retired Staff Sergeant Joseph D. Walker, and boy do I have a story to tell you! When I explain to you how and what I have been through and overcome in my 37 short years on this floating green orb, you would assume I made it up. I wish I did.

From divorce to a back fracture and spinal fusion surgery. A rough childhood through opiate addiction. From medical retirement shortly after a deployment to living in a car as a civilian. Take a deep look at a lifetime of struggle turned completely around simply with a change of attitude towards myself, abundance, love, success, and kindness.

Learn what it means to hit rock bottom on a number of occasions and then have the strength and courage to overcome it all. Enjoy this motivational and inspirational book that will have you in shock of a soldier’s journey of overcoming a lifetime of strife, facing down demons of the past, and chasing down dreams of fruitful future.

It is never too late to live for the day and work towards making all of your ambitions come true. Do you have what it takes to push aside all obstacles and manifest the perfect life you have always deserved and hoped for? Well then, what are you waiting for!? GET THERE!

About the Author

Joseph Walker is a 37 year-old medically retired US Army Staff Sergeant. Born in Jacksonville, FL, he has lived in multiple states across the USA, mainly Maryland, California, and Texas. He currently resides in Fort Worth, TX with his three dogs Lucy, Bruno, and Buttercup.

When Joseph is not working on any of his new novels or screenwriting projects, he enjoys playing and speedrunning video games; mainly Legends of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Joseph is currently a full-time student, attending the Art Institute of Miami/Dallas, where he is majoring in Digital Film Production.

Joseph enjoys writing, cooking, reading, walking, and working out. It is his goal one day to turn his upcoming book Meta-4:Utopia into a movie script and produce a major blockbuster film.

Joseph enjoys watching movies and tv shows. His favorite movies include The Matrix, Inception, and any of the Marvel movies. His favorite tv shows include How I Met Your Mother, The Mentalist, and again, any of the Disney Marvel series.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book, The Stimulus Fortune: When Rock Bottom Means You Are Just Getting Started What is it about?

To summarize, this book is about my life, some of the experiences in my life, some of the things I went through in my time in the military, in love, and in my life. I base each chapter on a fortune from a fortune cookie and dive into my interpretation using stories and lessons from my past. This book is meant to be motivational. It dives into topics such as mental health, opioid addiction, military life, marriage and divorce, and a variety of other topics. It is a real “I know exactly how he feels” or “I can totally relate” type of book.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, The Stimulus Fortune: When Rock Bottom Means You Are Just Getting Started is it directed at any particular market?

I truly believe a large variety of people from all walks of life can gain a lot from reading this book. It really gives you an insight into the thought process and mentality of a very relatable individual. I want to inspire thought and creativity and I feel my book offers that opportunity. As I said, it is very relatable. And the cool thing about my writing style is that I write like I converse and think. This isn’t your cookie-cutter self-help book. I believe others will really be able to feel my emotion and truth while reading.

Qn 3: Out of all the books in the world, and all the authors, which are your favourite and why?

Definitely R.L. Stine. He was a true inspiration to me as a kid growing up. I have read all of his Goosebumps series books and vowed that when I grew up, I would too write my own books. This particular book came to me on a whim. The Universe instructed me (as crazy as it sounds) to write this book. I have plans for my future novels to be more Sci-fi/futuristic. I intended The Stimulus Fortune to be my introduction to the world so that in the future, I can truly show what my mind has to offer the world in terms of literature entertainment.

Qn 4: What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing?

Go with your gut! Don’t let the norms of society dictate your writing. Stay patient and don’t try to do it all at once. Don’t pander to any specific genre or group. Stay true to yourself. And most of all, write what is in your heart and be honest. True emotion and honesty shines when a writer is being themselves and doesn’t care how they are perceived. There will always be those who don’t enjoy your work and those that do. Don’t let the doubters steal your shine. Let them fuel the fires of your desires.

Qn 5: Where can our readers find out more about you, do you have a website, or a way to be contacted?

I am very low key. I appreciate my privacy. However, I am very aware that for my work to be noticed, I have to put myself out there. I have my Twitter page, @joejester73. I am also on Instagram and Tik-tok. @joejester73/ Instagram and @joenearlyperfect on Tik-tok. I am sure as I move down this path, I will add more, but those are the basics for now. Oh, and my email address is in case my readers have a kind word or question they’d like to ask.

Note from Author:

I am running a promotion currently for the every 1000 copies sold. Readers who provide a copy of their purchase receipt for this book will be entered in a drawing for $500. The only requirement is to buy the book and send a photo/screenshot of the receipt to my Instagram handle. The winner will be contacted through Instagram after the 1000th copy is sold.

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