The Truth Behind Global Warming: and resulting Climate Change

by Prof VI J. N. L J (Author, Illustrator)

About the Book

The Truth Behind Global Warming: and resulting Climate Change: 

“One person embarks on a quest to solve the riddle of Global Warming & Climate Change, in an attempt to save our lives and planet. While doing so, they stumble upon what appears to be ‘an underlying current’ as well as a possible key to ending the crisis

Getting this discovery into the world’s view is crucial to our survival but, is there enough time left?”

The Truth Behind Global Warming: and resulting Climate Change

About the Author of The Truth Behind Global Warming: and resulting Climate Change: 

Oh, Heavens! I think I may have already done so earlier on here. Sorry for repeats or being out of sequence. life isn’t always chronological I’m afraid. *Smiles softly!*  

Who I am is. “A fellow human being to all of you, who never fails to step up to the plate and bat a homerun– or at least try too!. :–))

I am the kind of human being, that CARES and SHOWS how I do with my Actions.

A prodigy since birth (In the literal sense of the word). I actually recall perfectly, “Immediately after being born” And this verified through my Mother’s, Dr’s and Nurse’s testaments. I was SPOT ON about what I reported during that time.

I possess a, “Photographic memory, but not a total photographic memory like my Father had. (He was scary brilliant), but then again, so was my wondrous awesome Mom! :–))

Saving lives and helping others succeed in what they do in life IS ME in a NUTSHELL.

I serve people always. I LOVE doing so. HELPING IS BLISS!

I am a gifted Philosopher, Contemplator, Spiritualist and most importantly a 100%ly outstanding communicator! Not to mention I am a Master of multi-tasking.

A lover of LIFE and everything in it. 

A Truly LOVING, DEVOTED Christian. (Though I do not attend Churches or Bible Studies. Sorry to say and not to offend I hope!)

I am and feel, “Extremely fortunate in knowing God and Son and my Guardian Angel “Andrew”. Thankful and grateful to actually know Them all PERSONALLY. I hope and pray that, “ALL OF YOU DO as well.

To Quote Johnj Lennon, “LOVE IS ALL WE NEED!”

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book, The Truth Behind Global Warming: and resulting Climate Change, What is it about?

“One person embarks on a quest to solve the riddle of Global Warming & Climate Change, in an attempt to save our lives and planet. While doing so, they stumble upon what appears to be ‘an underlying current’ as well as a possible key to ending the crisis. Getting this discovery into the world’s view is crucial to our survival but, is there enough time left?”

This is my research on global warming and resulting climate change. A subject of dire need as well consequences.

In my book, I share what is known as “Popular Thoughts” in the first half, and then “my research and conclusions” in-which I discovered (What I refer to as), “An Underlying Current” which is what people and science professionals are NOT Aware of.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, The Truth Behind Global Warming: and resulting Climate Change, is it directed at any particular market?

Every human being on the face of our planet,  if they aren’t, they clearly would not care about life or the lives of others as-well our planet. 

I expect this book to reach every household, office, college, university, government agency etc . . . anyone who is concerned about our possible future via Global Crisis and Climate Crisis as it is presently

The Purchasing of this book will speak volumes as to, “The true importance of Global Warming & Climaet Change to every human being 12 years and above.

The formula is simple:

IF you purchase this book— YOU TRULY CARE

IF you do NOT purchase this book— YOU DO NOT TRULY CARE.

There is NO other measurement needed.

I am hoping the people will show their true colors and purchase this book to show they want to be a “PART OF THE SOLUTION. NOT A PART OF THE PROBLEM.”

Qn 3: Out of all the books in the world, and all the authors, which are your favourite and why?

Oh my goodness gracious.

Talk about an OPEN-ENDED QUESTION with ENDLESS possibilities! sighs deeply!

One is:

Stephen King’s Book Titled, “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” In this novel, he shows how he has clearly “Mastered the Craft of Writing– and more importantly, “How To Tell A Great Story!

Another is:

Harper Lee who wrote, “To Kill a Mocking Bird” Fantastic display of gripping storytelling with several plots intertwining as she Masterfully tells the story.

A third is:

Ann Rule, as world-renowned famous Master Storyteller of Crime, “Green River Running Red” a nonfiction story about the Notorious Serial Killer, Gary Leon Ridgway, The Green River Killer. As for this case, “I worked on it personally back in my CSI days.”

The 4th of my favorite Authors, as-well the last I’ll make mention of:

World-Renowned Author “Jane Austen” who wrote countless Masterly Crafted stories, one being, “Pride & Prejudice” Google described it best saying, “She follows the turbulent relationship between Elizabeth Bennet, the daughter of a country gentleman, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a rich aristocratic landowner. They must overcome the titular sins of pride and prejudice in order to fall in love and marry.”

ALL of these are such fantastic writers/authors. CS LEWIS, JRR TOLKIEN, ERNEST HEMINGWAY, MARK TWAIN. My Mother was known and revered as, “The Mother Superior Of Writing” by such notables as Alex Haley, Jane Austen, and countless others in writer’s groups worldwide.

Qn 4: What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing?

I would suggest (as many professionals have and continue to do) to:


READ READ READ and READ MORE . . . Reading is a gift to all writers, scribes, pennors, author-wannabes. And the best part is it can be FREE, Through School, Libraries, giveaways etc . . .


WRITE WRITE and WRITE always! Short stories, thoughts, contemplations, journaling, love letters etc . . .


There is NOTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL and WONDROUS than to receive a Card, Letter etc… by someone who has TAKEN THE TIME . . . TO PEN IT, IE; Writing by hand, NOT texting, or by electronic devices. But, by the hard elbow grease of our hands, minds, hearts, souls and spirits all together to create something for someone else to enjoy reading.

I HIGHLY recommend doing so. As often as you can manage. It gives you wonderful practice at your penmanship as well. When Christmas comes, I used to send out over 100 Cards to people and establishments that I was familiar with or were in my neck-of-the-woods per-se.

I LOVED doing it. I still do, only not so many nowadays. I try to let people know, “THEY COUNT” in my life and I’m thankful in remembering them at this time of the year, nearing thee end. Hey! Don’t think I wrote to a LOT of people, my Father used to pen to over 500 people each and every year. He’d include His wondrous UPDATE OF LIFE LETTER which was typed out on his old “Word processing only Computer

Oh geez, ONE MORE helpful suggestion:

If you can, look up a local writer’s group and join in. At the very least, go and SIT IN on one of their group get-togethers. It’s typically FILLED with wondrous LESSONS and HELP for writers in ALL genres. :–))

Finally, just remember (As My wondrous Mother always told me) to,

JUST WRITE ! ! ! <<—– THAT’S HOW WE DO IT BABY ! ! ! smiles softly! best wishes in your literary realm. YOU CAN DO IT!

Qn 5: Where can our readers find out more about you, do you have a website, or a way to be contacted?

I’m sorry truly, but I hope to remain private. I’m an “In the background… mentor-ish” type of human being. 

I watch, listen, contemplate and once in a blue moon, share something with others. (It doesn’t help that I am as extremely SHY natured as one could possibly be.) I can become deeply embarrassed quite easily, and so I remain as humble as possible. Staying away from big crowds and the lime-light per-se. I keep it LOW KEY.

I DO realize however, with this particular book I am putting into the hands of our world’s population, they may hunt me down in hopes of finding out more about ‘me’, this person who wrote this incredible book on Global Warming and resulting climate change that very well may be the key to saving ALL of OUR LIVES, OUR PLANET and EVERY LIFE FORM ON IT. 

In thee end, what matters most to me, and the reason WHY I have now PUT MYSELF OUT THERE… into the SPOTLIGHT, is FOR ALL OF YOU! MY fellow human beings. Our animals, natures creatures in every avenue imaginable, our dear Mother Earth, who continually GIVES her BLESSINGS to ALL of US and the Heavens above.

I hope to dear God, I am correct, and that I’ve gotten this information in my book OUT TO YOU ALL . . . before it’s actually, honestly . . .  TOO LATE.  *Sighs deeply!*

I cannot tell you in words… how STRESSED I have been, battling with my Fear of exposing myself to the WORLD as I am in this book. BUT, seeing the NEWS reporting on the subject of Global Warming and Climate change OVER and OVER and with more and MORE PANIC as they did and do. 


Saving lives, is something I have done…. since I was a child. And those whom would have lost their lives had “I” not been “there” to save them, would have been MANY. More than 100 or so.

With this book, I could potentially help to save BILLIONS of US and the rest of the world we share.

I’m trying


The Truth Behind Global Warming: and resulting Climate Change

Qn 6: Whenever we see books that mention “The Truth” we always think oh boy this might contain some controversial stuff. What would you say to those who are sceptical or perhaps express denial when reading The Truth Behind Global Warming: and resulting Climate Change?

— Great Question thanks: 

This makes perfect sense to me. I am increasingly ‘aware’ of this as stated! Controversy is good, as-well a blessing-in-disguise at times. 

It causes us to take a greater look at or into something. This turns out to be exactly what we wish for. Lending us a deeper insight into whatever the subject matter is that is in question. I welcome such thoughts.

— To those whom may be or are skeptical, I’d say, “Please take the time to learn openly about things. Do your research, just as I have done for the last 20+ years to put this book together.

— As for those who meet subjects with Denial, I’d request them to, “Look at the science and research posted. Thinking outside of the box is a great way to open one’s abilities to see things in the greatest depth and with a greater understanding.” Asking questions always helps, it’s what has always helped me, as well has given me thee answers to puzzles and solutions that others have not been able to solve.

— Truly I tell you, “IF someone denies something shared or accepts something shared, the choice to do so, is always “Theirs and theirs alone.” I accept whichever as is their choice. We are ALL welcomed to the such. *Smiles kindly!*

Qn 7: Our world is suffering, it is undeniable. What is the most serious event or events that have happened that indicate the alarming situation?

— Yes! Sadly, unfortunately, it is indeed., Breaks my heart and hurts my soul and spirit as I witness it first-hand. Very sad to see. But, a LOT OF IT CAN BE STOPPED. We just have to redefine our focus.

— The most serious event(s) that have raised thee alarms. Are you referring to Global Warming or in general terms? IF Global Warming, I’d say there are many things happening that are GOOD CAUSE for alarm.

  • The Seas have heated to the point of “causing death” to the fish. In a sense “Boiling them.”
  • The Weather has increased in its INTENSITY, not only in strength, but in size, location and measure.
  • The POLAR ICE/Glaciers are breaking away. This is really a cause from BELOW THEM, not the surface as much. The ground heats more, thee under effect is heating from below-to-the-surface causing the mass to crack and break and-as-well to melt. It can be envisioned as a “Reverse Magnification Effect.” IE; the Sun’s rays, hitting the surface, which are in microscopic design, ICE CRYSTALS which are like microscopic pieces of GLASS. Which when the Sun’s intense rays pass through, the light-as-well-HEAT is pinpointed to the depths . . . warming what is below, as-well what is on the surface (First Initial Contact)
  • Fires and longer-lasting-warmer-temperatures per areas or locations worldwide.

I hope my analogy makes sense.

Qn 8: Now here is a controversial question! Who is to blame?

— This is a great question thanks. “WHO” is to “BLAME”?

Well, quite frankly, that is UP-FOR-DEBATE, but I’d like to sum this up if I may. “?” (Please bear with me) . . .

— This solely depends on The True Cause of this Crisis– Global Warming and resulting Climate Change. It seems they go Hand-in-Hand from just about anyone’s perspective . . . mine included. However, “Do we know this as fact?”  

It “seems correct or likely”, but, as-well it depends on just how well we truly understand nature!…?

I don’t know that we can come to this conclusion as “Absolute” at this stage. I feel, “We are just learning the ropes per-se.” I don’t feel we truly know as much as we like to pretend or claim. (This too is up for debate I’m certain) *smiles softly!*  Nonetheless, to your posed query:

-IF us humans are to blame— then the good news is that, “It’s a MAN MAD EFFECT which means, WE may very well be ABLE TO REVERSE THE COURSE of it.” 

Science Popular thought, as well My personal research points to US HUMAN BEINGS being responsible or TO BLAME for it. BUT! . . .

Pay Very Close Attention to what I am about to share now please:

I have made it clear in my Book that, “I had stumbled onto another Possible Cause, and this was over 20 + years back (At least!).  IF THAT REASON is the true cause of Global Warming and resulting Climate Change . . . 

I’m sorry to say this but, “THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO TO STOP THEE INEVITABLE . . . THEE END OF HUMANITY, THEE ANIMALS, PLANET EARTH. OUR WORLD’s existence.  (As I said in my book, I dearly hope and pray that is NOT the CASE-IN-FACT) 

I’ll be writing in another Book down the road from now, about that possibility. Just look for my Author name, “Prof VI J. N. L J” Whatever I share in book or prose will be listed under that signature.

Qn 9: I know your book has suggested answers on how we can solve the problem, can you give us a snippet of an idea of what we need to do?

— Yes! It has indeed. While I’d love to give you insight into this solution, I won’t at this time, simply because the answer is inside of the book for everyone to find. (Don’t want to spoil it now do I? *smiles softly!*) 

With that stated, I will share this, however, “What we have always needed to do, is to place MONEY BEHIND our FOCUS TO SEE in TRUTHS, not blinded by GREED. The Green-eyed Monster! (Ahem!)

— We do a GREAT JOB of SHOOTING ourselves in the foot per-se, by placing our focus on material items, wealth, fame etc . . . When we SHOULD BE FOCUSING ON… “US” each and every ONE OF US! 


When we make Humanity our FOCUS… Humanity will show us what TRUE HEAVEN looks like!   

I IMPLORE YOU ALL to purchase this book, read it and SPREAD THE WORD for other’s to purchase and read it too. 

My GOAL is to get my book into EVERY HOUSEHOLD IN THE WORLD! I can do this ONLY WITH YOUR HELP! My fellow human beings. I hope and pray you will. 

Thanks to those who do IN ADVANCE!

Qn 10: After this book, The Truth Behind Global Warming: and resulting Climate Change, what are you going to do to continue spreading this message to save our world?

— Well, another great question thanks!  

I shall continue on, as I have always done, with PURPOSE TO GET THE WORDS OUT TO THE PEOPLE. Lord knows the GOV’s and MEDIA sure don’t want to help. Not from what I have witnessed thus far! 

I hope this fact changes, and THEY TOO GET ON BOARD… had they DONE SO… when COVID FIRST BEGAN… and I CONTACTED EVERYONE IMAGINABLE, but was IGNORED and met with WILLING IGNORANCE on a GRAND SCALE as-well SCOPE…. the Virus would have ENDED BEFORE IT GOT TO WHERE IT HAS! Makes me ILL TO MY CORE how they ignored me when I was TRYING TO HELP STOP and END IT!

Truly I tell you, EVERY LIFE LOST from the Virus causes me great illness.  Because I KNOW… I COULD HAVE STOPPED IT! IF ONLY… THE POWERS THAT BE… WOULD HAVE LISTENED and given me a CHANCE.

— This too will be coming in the future, IF I live long enough, and God willing I can get it all written into book form.  It will have in the TITLE… “COVID” you can count on it. And as I stated earlier in this Interview… you will find any and all of my Science prose under my Author’s name,

“Prof  VI  J. N. L J– Author, The Truth Behind Global Warming: and resulting Climate Change: 

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