Ask No Questions, Hear No Delusions

About the Book

Ten stories.
Ten predicaments.
Ten ‘there’s no going back now’ decisions will be made.

We are all capable of immorality, including murder, whether we want to believe this or not. It just takes the right amount of provocation in the wrong circumstances. It’s what you do next that really defines you and whatever lies it takes to delude yourself from reality.

Sex and lust, with all the finer things in-between.

What would you do?

Hand yourself in? Perhaps pass the blame? Play the victim? Find an excuse? Or even seek revenge?

  • A couple runs away from their troubles in England to the Scottish Highlands, where they renovate and document a unique cottage on their YouTube channel.
  • A young promising Premier League footballer ends up in the middle of an adopted family triangle.
  • A young man vanishes to Spain, where he befriends his mysterious neighbour. Are both men going to share what they’re hiding from?
  • A teenager’s fear of showing their face in public again after receiving online abuse.
  • A young, naïve man seeks advice from his old womanising landlord, who shares his worldly advice on pursuing one’s fantasies.
  • A dysfunctional couple argues and fights all day as they attempt to prolong the end of something more important than just their relationship.
  • A housewife figures out what her husband’s birthday present will be from her husband, but it’s not the only thing she discovers.
  • A couple opens up a pharmacy in Edinburgh’s Old Town when odd things begin to happen as the couple’s relationship becomes distant.
  • A greedy builder wakes up to discover his hidden, untaxed stash has gone missing.
  • One half of a famous married off-screen couple of a much-loved kid’s TV show goes missing. Is revenge more desirable than love? Even more valuable than fame and fortune?

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