In everything the best animal: Love born in a pandemic. Inspired by a true story

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About the Book

Despite everything that has happened in her life, Ella has never completely grown up, nor has she stopped believing in love, goodness and dreams coming true. She follows her beliefs and doesn’t oppose her adventurous spirit.
Because of this, life still has surprises for her. It shows her that it can take her underground and lift her again to the clouds, where she has always believed it’s her place, but not alone. She is buried alive but she manages to escape from there with one of the greatest blessings in her life. One of the worst days of her life brings her great happiness. And for a while it seems that from now on this woman will walk only on a flat and easy path, until the pandemic in front of her nose closes the borders and prevents her from starting her new happy life.
How many victims and how much damage has the world suffered? How much damage will Ella’s world suffer? Can this virus stop this stubborn woman?
This is a novel about love, endurance, strong will and persistence. Because these qualities can not be overcomed by anything external. They come from within and can only be destroyed from within. Every finger-pointing in external conditions is just an attempt to justify human weakness and inability.

About the Author

I am a mother of my beautifull son, first of all

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