Diamond Rain: A contemporary ghost story

About the Book

Late one evening, Jeremy Krukow is travelling home on a deserted commuter train, when Rose, a hauntingly beautiful young woman, appears in the seat next to him. She begs Jeremy to help her – as he’s helped her in the past – then floats through the wall of the train and disappears into the woods that border the tracks.

Having never met Rose before, a bewildered Jeremy investigates. He’s aided by Ivy Powell, a psychic with a mysterious past of her own. As they delve into Rose’s death, Jeremy and Ivy encounter a sinister gang of art thieves, jealousy, murder, torture, revenge and psychic powers that can manipulate dreams and reality. Before their investigation is over, one of them will die and the other will travel to the spirit realm in an attempt to save them.

About the Author

Rick Jankowski is an Orland Park, Illinois, writer. Over three dozen of his short stories have been published in small print, literary and online magazines. He loves to write speculative, sensitive and humorous fiction, and his writing goals are connected with the character, the beauty of language, and a sense of wonder. He’s won several awards for his stories and has twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. You can sample some of his stories on his website: www.freewebs.com/rickjankowski.

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