ZERO to HERO: Life lessons from the journey of a sports team

About the Book

‘ZERO to HERO’, offers readers a rare glimpse into the working of the multi-billion cricket league Indian Premier League (IPL). It is filled with interesting anecdotes and experiences. Be it sport, business or leadership the lessons herein can be applied across various roles and industries.
The story reiterates many home truths while challenging many perceptions and stereotypes. It demystifies the inside action of a sport that has been transformed into a high form of entertainment and with that the baggage of hype and hoopla. It once again demonstrates that any activity in life is about teamwork…about the silent performers, conductors, guides, cheerleaders and supporters whose every bit of blood, sweat and tears goes into making the champion that we so admire and aspire to be.

Zero to Hero is about each one of us and not a team that plays a game that we enjoy on a screen and possibly bet on. The incidents narrated can happen to each of us in our respective contexts of personal and professional life.

About the Author

Darshan M is a serial entrepreneur who has continuously reinvented himself. From being a topper in school to dropping out of college, to becoming a CEO by the age of 32, his journey has been an exciting roller coaster ride. His career spans sports, media, fashion and entertainment. He has also acted in a few Bollywood and regional language films. He has served as the COO of a large public limited company, was the CEO of the title-winning IPL team and headed many companies including advertising agencies, media companies and sports management companies.
He currently runs the yoga lifestyle brand Deivee that he co-founded along with Milind Soman. He also spends a considerable amount of time mentoring young start-up founders. You can read more about him, and connect with him at

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