Murder on the Midnight Tide

About the Book

A high-seas murder, a stolen artifact, and my trusty Beagle Rex by my side.

Struggling to get my new Private Investigation Business off the ground

I needed a vacation, and fast. Next thing I know, I’m aboard the lavish

Midnight Tide cruise line.

When I stumble upon the lifeless body of a rich guest, whom everyone wanted dead

The Cruise takes a thrilling turn.

Rex and I unravel secrets and clues of this mysterious death, and the plot thickens

as the stolen artifact and puzzling riddles arise.

Amongst a community of wealthy suspects and quirky characters,

wit and determination help me navigate the treacherous waters of deceit.

As the suspect list narrows down and an unexpected attack occurs, there’s a race against time to uncover the hidden truth in the depths of the ship.

Before I’m Next!

About the Author

Hey, I’m Audrey Alden, your go-to cozy mystery storyteller. I craft cozy mysteries that will give your brain a workout and a chuckle.

When I’m not spinning tales, I’m probably sipping tea, dreaming up my next mystery or getting a lot of exercise done with Cooper. Cooper, my real-life Beagle detective. He’s either following me everywhere I go or whining for a treat.

My stories? Think of them like puzzles. Characters, surprises, and clues all fit together to create an “aha!” moment that’s pure magic.

So, grab your imaginary magnifying glass and let’s dive into these mysteries. We’ll explore charming places, meet quirky folks, and maybe have a laugh or two. Cooper and I can’t wait to share our world of cozy enigmas with you!

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