Broken Chains @KarinaKantas

About the Book

If only she had stuck to singing in bars.

If only the idea of wanting to become an author had never entered her mind.

If only she’d never met Alex.

That one meeting had caused an avalanche of fate to clash with a dangerous destiny that forced Liz Finely to become the most wanted woman in the world. Stalked by three deadly mafia bosses, Liz has to learn to survive. Passed from one brutal hand to another, tortured, and abused, it’s her blood, her name, which lands her in trouble each time.

Now it’s up to Liz to find the strength to accept and become who she’s meant to be, and finally, break the chains that bind her.

  • This novel is a dark mafia romance for 18+ due to the graphic sex and violence

About the Author

I am an award-winning author and filmmaker. I have 14 books published in most fiction genres. I’m also a BookTuber, YouTuber. I have two podcasts and I’m the host of my radio show, Author Assist. And I run author assist that guides, teaches, and offers services to new authors. I’m giving back what I have learned in the last 27 years in this business.

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