Journey to an End

About the Book

On everybody’s last day preparing for their final exams in their first semester in college after graduating high school, Michael wakes up at his house from a frat party and finds out he will be late for his exams. He should’ve been studying instead of going to that frat party with his friend Javier. He rushes out of bed while his friends are on a public bus. Giuseppe and Paul are on their way to campus and Karla is nervous about her upcoming exams on the last day of the fall semester until she receives an anonymous text message to go to a beach party. Later on, Karla and Michael meet up with their own gang while Michael’s friend Paul heads off to class while talking about the beach party until they see meteoroids rain down from the sky, shattering buildings. Luckily they survived what was happening but that was only the beginning. Something emerges from the meteorites. What emerges from the meteorites is far worse than anyone could have imagined—horrifying creatures hatching from the eggs during the aftermath. With the world falling into darkness and terror, they must fight for their survival in a nightmare against the unknown creatures in order to stay alive trying to get to their cars, find Paul, and try to escape from campus while they still can.

About the Author

Michael Matos is an aspiring writer for “Journey to an End.” He was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He is working towards a bachelor’s degree in English literature. He enjoys bike riding, roller skating, playing paintball, reading sci-fi fantasy, horror, thriller, and mystery novels.

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