Journey To My Soul: Deeply Honest Stories of Transformation, Rebirth, and Healing

About the Book

JOURNEY TO MY SOUL tells the inspiring stories of courageous women like you who chose to confront their old trauma, limiting beliefs and patterns, reconstruct life on their own terms, connect to a higher purpose and serve the collective in bigger and bolder ways.

They are sharing their light, unique sacred gifts, wisdom, and experiences in a thoughtful collection of stories to stir inspiration in other women who are where they once were. By sharing our stories of transformation, we let others know that they, too, can fully embody their soul purpose and design a life they love.

We share our proceeds with an organization that is close to our hearts: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women USA, for they are our sisters, your sisters, us. By bringing attention to the issues that face us, and discussing them openly and honestly, we bring about change and make a difference to the communities that we live in.

About the Author

Kelly Sanders is a passionate (and slightly crazy)  individual who leads with her heart. Her philosophy is that life is too short to be a spectator sport and she has learnt to embrace every moment with both hands.

She learnt early on the price of success,  and the cost of failure….. watching her parents grow a thriving business into 3 different sites, gaining recognition as being the largest worldwide lego retailer for 3 years running and then watching the tragedy and devastation on the family as all was lost. 

After her suicide attempt failure at 18,

 She decided to ditch her double degree and stick with the one thing she knew she loved……


This led her into the crazy world of hospitality and her deeper curiosity in understanding the workings of the human mind and body.

 She has enjoyed many highs and lows on her journey so far and strives to teach people to love all parts of themselves unconditionally.

Her experiences include but are not limited to…..

  • Voted No 7 Best Restaurant in the world- Gourmet Traveller
  • 20 years of hospitality management at the internationally awarded level 
  • 15 years experience in holistic health including qualifying as a Psychosomatic Therapist, Spiritually You orb genetics practitioner,  certified money coach, certified essential oils coach, massage therapist, reiki practitioner, body talk technician, energy worker
  • Co-author in Sprout the life you love & Your mind, body, fitness and wellbeing balanced
  • Retreat and mastermind workshop facilitator 

Currently, Kelly is teaching people about Wellness in the Workplace and running monthly 30 day cleanse challenges:- to help people clear out the crap and take their life back!!

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