Beauty Of Colors (Poems)

About the Book

These poems will lift your inner spirit, and transform your life, give you a sense of purpose, belonging and appreciation for beauty in and around you. This collection of poems will draw you to the core of the earth and make you realize you are special, unique and created by a creator being one with the earth. So, fuel yourself from these poems and arise to the top.

About the Author

Cleanne Lynn Johnson is a Caribbean-Canadian, Living in New York. The author of Love My Colors, Beauty of Colors (poems) and Beauty of Life: 101 Inspirational Quotes. She started writing short stories and poetry to express her feeling and found writing to be a safe haven.
She completed a Bachelor of Science in dietetics, and a master’s in public health at Andrews University in Michigan. Today she practices as a registered dietitian in New York. When she isn’t writing short stories and poetry, she enjoys cooking hiking, reading, sewing, and encouraging people from all different nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities that they are special, unique, and beautiful.


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