Willful Evolution: Because healing the heart takes strength by Janice Beetle

About the Book

Inspiration and some laughs

The past 10 years of my life was a willful evolution that took me from grieving to great. The decade began when I was laid off from the job that supported my entire family, and four days later, my husband died. My book talks about how I worked hard to survive and transform my life. I learned how to make more money. I got physically stronger. And I fixed some relationships that were broken because I finally recognized I had a hand in breaking them.

I wrote Willful Evolution in hopes it might help others take a fresh look at their own lives to consider if they need inspiration to launch their own evolution. Because that’s what my book can do. It can inspire you, and it will also make you laugh.

In 2010, I was laid off from my full-time job as a communications specialist in a hospital while I was on a family medical leave, taking care of my husband in his last days. I heard my boss tell me my position had been eliminated as I stood on my front steps; Ed lay in a hospital bed in my living room just inside the door. He died four days later. I had no income. No partner, and two teenaged children to raise.

I told the story of that devastating loss in my first memoir, “Divine Renovations,” which was published in 2011. My new book, “Willful Evolution,” is a sequel to the first book, and it is poignant, inspiring, and at turns, downright funny. The book shows how I reinvented myself, building not one but two successful businesses and otherwise turning vulnerability into strength.

When you read “Willful Evolution,” you will hear stories of my travels to far-away places, meet some of the wacky men I met while online dating, hear how I used yoga, exercise, and adventure to gain physical and emotional strength, and see how I met the man I wanted to marry after learning in my gut that I would be fine without another man.

My book is about wrestling fear, building relationships, and finally growing up—in my mid-fifties. Think “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert; “Love, Warrior” by Glennon Doyle; and “Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown. My book is as inspiring, amusing, and powerful as these. “Willful Evolution” will make you laugh and empower your soul.

My hope is that people who read my book will find new strength in their own lives, take risks, set new goals, and reinvent themselves!

About the Author

My mind is full of book ideas, and I work to bring them to life as I am able. My first memoir, Divine Renovations: A Carpenter, His Soul Mate, and Their Story of Love and Loss, was published by Off The Common Books in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 2012. My second memoir, Willful Evolution: Because healing the heart takes strength was through my own business, Janice Beetle Books. Coming soon is my first work of fiction and a children’s book.

In addition to developing my own books, I help people to bring their book idea to the book shelf–and the book store through Janice Beetle Books. My work is helping people with a story in their hearts and minds. I also bring my 15-year career reporter background to my work in my PR business, Beetle Press, through which I craft press releases and marketing pieces for organization leaders that translate into news stories and on-air time in media.

I live life to the fullest. I take time to travel and spend time in warm places in the winter months. I boat and kayak in the summer, and play with my grandchildren, enjoy my daughters, and read and relax all year long.

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