Jim Lester Releases New Mystery Novel – Deadline: New York

Author Jim Lester Releases New Mystery Novel – Deadline: New York

Author Jim Lester is pleased to announce the release of his new mystery novel, Deadline: New York. The cheap paperback PI novel was about a dark conspiracy inside the U.S. government and the book was great fun. But what if it was true?

Set in the summer of 1952, Deadline:New York centers on the emerging paperback book industry in New York City. The protagonist is a former Naval intelligence officer and best-selling writer of paperback adventure novels who is asked by a secretary at his publishing house to investigate the suicide of her boyfriend. At the heart of the investigation is a state senate hearing on obscenity in the paperback industry and a widespread conspiracy inside the United States government, law enforcement and America’s major corporations. Combining real historical figures with fictional ones, the story reveals some of the early growing pains of the paperback industry and offers an exciting confrontation between ordinary citizens and a murderous shadow government.

Deadline: New York is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Information:
Deadline: New York
By Jim Lester
Published: July 2021
ISBN: 978-0578249674
ASIN: B0991H9L4K
Pages: 270
Genre: Mystery

About the Author:
Jim Lester holds a Ph.D in history and is the author of four successful young adult novels–Fallout, The Great Pretender, Till the Rivers All Run Dry and Shadow Games. He is also the author of a historical novel entitled The Blind Boxer and a history of college basketball. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

Website: http://www.jimlesterbooks.com
BookBuzz: http://bookbuzz.net/blog/mystery-deadline-new-york-by-jim-lester/

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