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About the Magazine

In Flow is an international quarterly digital magazine. We publish thoughtfully curated content. Our aim is to inspire, inform and empower people to live more intentionally, increase curiosity, creativity, and wellbeing, and cultivate greater awareness and resilience. 

We showcase the work of our regular and guest contributor international writers. Writers from diverse backgrounds are carefully selected to write on various topics and share their insights and unique writing style with you. 

About the Founders

In Flow was founded by a mother and son team. Carol and Stephen appreciate all things creative, and, among other things, both are gifted writers, group facilitators, and speakers. The pair have previously collaborated on other projects, including showcasing their designs in fashion shows and running a tee-shirt brand.

They share a desire to generate hope, inspire, educate, and empower others to live intentionally, with simplicity, purpose, passion, and love.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your magazine; what is it about?

In Flow is where you can create space in the moment and in your life to reflect, recharge, grow and be replenished. We invite readers to ‘live on purpose’, increase curiosity, creativity, and wellbeing and cultivate greater awareness and resilience.

We also provide a platform for established and emerging international writers to showcase their work. 

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this magazine? Is it directed at any particular market? 

In Flow is for anyone looking to live a more intentional, positive, and meaningful life. In a world where we are bombarded with negative messages and where we spend much time doing and little time being, In Flow is a pit-stop where you can turn down the noise and be inspired, informed, and empowered. 

Qn 3: What’s your motivation, the story, behind launching the magazine?


I wanted to help my mother realise her decades-old dream, I love writing and the written word, and I want to positively impact people’s lives. This perfect trio inspired me to launch the magazine with her, thus making her dream a reality.


In Flow is the realisation of my 41-year-old dream to start a magazine. In my late teens, I worked with a friend to create a print magazine. We toiled tirelessly, doing all the groundwork. Still, in the end, we couldn’t find sufficient suitable contributing writers or supporters, and high costs buried the dream. 

In late 2021, the dream I thought had died awakened; it began to stir. I told my son Stephen about it, and he came on board wholeheartedly. 

At the time of this interview, 2022 marks my third year of being a monthly contributing article writer for an international women’s mind-body-spirit magazine publication. And for 6 years, I published a monthly inspirational newsletter. My final and 72nd mailout was in January 2022. I announced to my readers that I would be moving to a quarterly edition in a new format. That was the end of an era, and the resurrection of a 41-year-old dream – In Flow Magazine was born. 

Qn 4: You have chosen to opt for a ‘pay what you want’ basis instead of a per edition cost or subscription fee; why have you done this, and how does it work? Does it mean that people can essentially obtain the magazine for free if they want to?

Yes, they can get it for free. We want as many people as possible to access the magazine and benefit from the content; we do not want money to be a barrier. 

The magazine is listed at $0+. This means that you can enjoy our digital magazine and pay nothing, or you can choose to contribute whatever amount you wish to pay. 

Whether you opt for the free or donations option, you will need to populate the ‘name a fair price’ field. Enter 0 if you want it for free. If you wish to contribute, enter the amount you want to donate. 

If you do not populate the ‘name a fair price’ field with 0 or another amount you wish to pay, the site will not permit you to proceed further. 

Donations will help us firstly to create and then to maintain a website, continue offering high-quality content, and keep the wheels turning.

Qn 5: Where can our readers find your magazine, and how can you be contacted?

You can find our magazine on Gumroad. This link is where you can follow us:

Enter your email address and click subscribe and follow the prompts. Each quarter you will receive a hyperlink emailed to you so you can access the new issue via Gumroad.

Alternatively, please click on the link below if you wish to access Issue 1 now. Because this is a ‘pay what you want’ product, please remember to populate the ‘name a fair price’ field with 0 if you want it for free or enter the amount you wish to donate before you click ‘I want this’.

We look forward to you joining us on our literary adventure. Here’s the link to Issue 1:

If you wish to email us, you may email us at:

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