The Globalists

About the Book

In a world where everything is controlled by the government, rebels must hide underground to stay safe and plan for their attack, until team ZAP is created, a group that led the infamously largest rebel Movement of its time.

The government elite aims for complete and total control of humanity by implanting Microchips into the human wrist, they stopped their experiments on rats and mice and switched to humans, they recreated a world fit for the rich, and ever a dangerous and deadly struggle for the poor. Branding everyone beyond the Centric with bar codes on their hands, necks, or wrists, they had total control over people’s lives, this leads them to become a superpower that dominates the world and forces the world under one law.

The story follows a girl named Silver who in a crazy turn of events finds her path crossed with the world’s most wanted criminals, and through a series of miracles, ends up being one of the most important members of the rebel team.

About the Author

Lionel Eddy is an author and activist from London, UK. Eddy believes that Western nations are heading into a dystopian society and has been campaigning against policies such as digital ID, social credit score, and a cashless society. Eddy has warned that private companies in the UK have been quietly rolling out facial recognition surveillance cameras, which would be a threat to people’s privacy and freedoms.

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