About the Book

Amuse your friends and family as you read, enjoy, and share the hundreds of fascinating facts found in this treasury of knowledge.
Walk into any room and say the words, “Did you know…?” and see all eyes turn toward you.

In “Now, That’s Interesting” You’ll Learn Fascinating Facts About:

  • Famous Military Failures
  • Fun and Freaky History
  • Fun and Funny Facts
  • It’s About Time
  • Musical Notes
  • Pop Culture
  • Presidential Pets
  • Accidental Discoveries
  • Toying Around
  • Where There’s a Will
  • (And lots more)

About the Author

Jonny Katz is a writer, animal lover, and ukulele player living in Los Angeles, California. Learning new pieces of information and sharing them with others has become a passion for Jonny. Science, history, popular culture, art, music and all other areas of knowledge in this world hold so much that is fun, fascinating, fantastic and often just plain funny. It’s a wonderful life being able to research and share bits and pieces of trivia with readers all around the world.

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