To Kill or to Love: part 2

About the Book

~ I will never stop hating myself for what I did to you ~
‘No Killian. You’re wrong,’ she said. That’s all it took. Any control I had left vanished into thin air and my hand wrapped tightly around her neck. I pushed her back, headbanging on the door as I raised the gun to her temple.
‘Leave goddammit!’I growled, in a voice that barely resembled my own. She shut her eyes, the pain and lack of oxygen overwhelming her. I thought she’d passed away when those cat-like eyes focused on me. I will never know how the words managed to leave her lips.
‘Pull the fucking trigger! Kill me, I don’t give a shit anymore. But first… First, you will hear what I have to say.’
For the first time, after all these years, the gun felt heavy in my hand.

A journey with no end. A path steeped in blood and sacrifice. A love against all odds. Let the monsters roam in the night. We are the only horror inside these walls. We are our own undoing. And we hope you enjoy the ride…

About the Author

Alexa Merian is a Greek, self-taught artist living in London. She started her career as a graphic designer in 2012 but, never satisfied with focusing on only one thing, she kept digging into the immense world of art. She completed her apprenticeship as a Tattoo Artist and continues the practise to this day. So far, she has created hundreds of tattoo designs in all styles, digital illustrations, book covers and commissions. She’s attracted to anything that comes from the past and has a story to tell.

She is an avid reader, tea enthusiast and has a soft spot for whales, cows, horses and adorable, little rats. She is intrigued by all things dark and mystical and enjoys the silence of a cold, rainy evening by the window seal. When she is not writing or reading, you can find her sketching and crafting spooky miniatures.

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